Moth ki Masjid or the Masjid Moth   ★★★★★
Masjid Moth Village, South Extension II, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Moth ki Masjid or the Masjid Moth
Attraction Type : Religious

Moth Ki Masjid is a mosque located in Delhi, and was built in 1505 by Wazir Miya Bhoiya, Prime Minister during the reign of Sultan Sikander Lodi (1517–26). It was a new type of mosque developed by the Lodi dynasty in the fourth city of the medieval Delhi of the Delhi Sultanate.The name of the mosque literally translated into English language means ‘Lentil Mosque’ and this name tag ‘Lentil’ has an interesting legend.

It is famously narrated that when Sultan Sikandar Lodi was on a visit to a mosque in the vicinity of the present location of the Moth Ki Masjid for prayer, he knelt over a grain of moth (a kind of lentil), which had been dropped by a bird.

He took the moth seed and planted it in his garden for further growth. The Wazir finally sold the rich harvest and earned good money. With the proceeds of the sale he built the mosque after seeking permission from the Sultan to construct the Mosque.

Impressed by this unique achievement, the Lodi named the mosque as ‘Moth Ki Masjid’ or the Mosque from the Moth Lentil.

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