Tulsi Ghat   ★★★★★
Assi Rd, Near Assi Ghat, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010

Tulsi Ghat
Attraction Type : Memorials

Tulsi Ghat is one of the ghats in Varanasi, named for Tulsidas who lived there while he wrote the Ramcharitmanas. Tulsi Ghat was known as Lolark Ghat. It was in the year 1941 that Tulsi Ghat was made cemented by the famous industrialist, Baldeo Das Birla.

Tulsi Ghat is associated with a number of important activities such as Lolark Sasthi at Lolark kunda (to be blessed with sons and their long life) and the sacred bath to get rid of leprosy and skin diseases. During the Hindu lunar month of Kartika (Oct/Nov), the Krishna Lila, a play about the lila of Krishna (Nag Nathaiya), is staged here with great fanfare and devotion.

Tulsi Ghat is the office base of Sankat Mochan Foundation, a non governmental organization working to clean the river Ganga since 1982. Sankat Mochan Foundation is one of the biggest names associated with the Ganges cleaning project. Prof. Veer Bhadra Mishra, an environmentalist and social activist who is also the manager of Sankat Mochan Foundation, lives at Tulsi Ghat. Prof. Mishra was awarded the United Nations Environment Program's the Global 500 Roll of Honour in 1992.

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