Unforgettable Goa Trip
 Vivek Kumar Srivastava    January 07, 2016 

Unforgettable Goa Trip

In my last story, you read about my travel experience in Mumbai. We enjoyed a lot in Mumbai in one day and boarded a train for Goa in the night at 10:00 PM.

On the 23-Oct-2015 around 8:30 AM, the train reached Madgaon railway station. We were seven boys Vivek, Shashank, Vipin, Manish, Neeraj, Tarun, and Vipul. We had hotel booking near Baga beach, so we hired Tavera to reach the hotel. We also visited fish aquarium on the way to the hotel. The fish aquarium was small in area wise but had good collections of fish and sea animals. The overall visiting aquarium was a good experience; if you are coming to north Goa, then you can take a stop to visit this place.

fish aquarium on the way to North Goa

Around 12:30 PM, we checked in into the hotel and ordered lunch. After lunch, we had taken rest for few hours. The best way to travel around Goa is by bike or scooty; so we rented four scooty and ready for fun in Goa.

Around 4:00 PM, all of us were very excited. We first went to Anjuna beach. This beach has two part; rocky and sand beach. First, we went rocky side and captured a lot of pictures. This side was a just small area, so after capturing some photograph, we went to the sand side.

Manish at Anjuna beach

Vivek and Shashank at Anjuna beach

Anjuna sand beach was really beautiful, and sunset from there was amazing. All of us just went into the sea water and start enjoying our first day in Goa. We made a lot of fun till darkness and then returned hotel.

The first day was not completed yet because Goa is not only for a day tour. Goa nightlife is one of the best nightlife in India. So, after the bath and some relaxation, we again ready for the first night in Goa. If you are in north Goa, then Baga beach is best for you. So all of us moved towards Baga beach. Time was around 10:00 PM, but it's looked like 6:00 PM. There was a lot of crowds and the whole beach was decorated like Indian wedding function. Every restaurant was playing loud party song and hundreds of table with candlelight were ready for you.

Vivek and Manish, somewhere in North Goa

We also booked one table and ordered some snacks & food. We were there till 3:00 AM and enjoyed a lot. After a lot of fun, we reached our hotel and had a good sleep.

Next day on 24-Oct-2015, we woke up late in the morning. Today, we decided to take water ride. So after breakfast, we reached Baga beach and inquiry the rate and then moved to Calangute beach. There we booked combo of five rides which had Water scooter, Parasailing, Dip, Dipsy, Bumper. Water ride was really an awesome experience, but that was little tiring too.

Tarun enjoying parasailing

Time was around 5:00 PM, so we returned hotel and passed some time in hotel swimming pool. After few hours rest, we again ready for the Baga beach. Today, we decided to go to a club, but the plan got changed and we again booked a table in another restaurant at Baga beach.

Tonight was really superb, all of us enjoyed a lot and danced the whole night. We made a super fun which I cannot describe in words. Time was around 3:00 AM, but there was still a huge crowd. Tonight, we stayed till 4:30 AM and then returned hotel.

on the way to old Goa

Next day on 25-Oct-2015, we decided to explore Panaji city but Vipin, Tarun, and Vipul decided to explore other beaches in north Goa. I, Manish, Neeraj and Shashank moved towards Panaji City. We started today around 9:30 AM, and took the first break after crossing Panaji city for coconut water.

First, we went old Goa and visited "Basilica of Bom Jesus" church. This church is world famous for 1000 years old mummy of great monk. Here, we hired a guide to know about the story of this church and mummy. There were another church and museum at another side of the road. So after exploring this worldwide site, we went to the museum and explored the history of Goa. Museum and mummy made this site must visit place in Goa.

Neeraj and Manish at Basilica of Bom Jesus

Shashank, Vivek and Manish at Goa Museum

After that, we had lunch and returned Panaji city. There was another beautiful church located in the city which filmed in "Mujhse Saadi Karogi" movie. Actually, Shashank knows about this, so we got the chance to visit this beautiful site.

Vivek, Shashank, Manish at Panjim Church

Goa is full of Churches and old Portugal's style building and we saw a lot of beautiful buildings on the way. After visiting church, we inquired for the ferry ride, but ferry ride timing was between 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Time was around 4:00 PM, so we decided to visit Aguada Fort instead of waiting for the ferry ride.

Around 5:20 PM, we reached fort with the help of Google Map. Fort last entry time was 5:30 PM, we were really lucky. We stayed there for one hour and captured a lot of photographs. There were a lighthouse and ruins of the old fort. Sunset from the fort was nice.

Vivek at Fort Aguada

After that, we went to Candolim beach and passed some time there. Candolim beach was very clean and peaceful. This beach was only for relaxation not fun; which we want. So, we returned hotel along with one round at Calangute beach. So, if you are looking for nightlife, then no comparison with Baga beach.

In hotel rooms with chatted with Tarun and Vipin about their journey today. They told us that they visited Morjim & Arambol beach and returned hotel around 5:00 PM. After that, they relaxed in hotel swimming pool.

Vipul and Tarun

Around 10:00 PM, I, Manish, Neeraj, and Shashank went Anjuna beach, but there was no night club. So, we returned Baga beach and brought tickets in Tito Night Club. Tonight we enjoyed till 3:00 AM. The overall experience of the night club was good. Personally, I think, passing the time at beach side restaurant was more fun in compare to the night club, but we want to enjoy the Goa in all aspects. Like the daily night, we returned hotel in late night and took few hours sleep.

Vipul at Dudhsagar waterfall

Next day on 26 Oct 2015, we decided to visit south Goa, but Tarun and Vipul were interested in Doodhsagar waterfall. Tarun and Vipul left the hotel in the early morning for Doodhsagar waterfall. North Goa to South Goa is approx 80 KM. We were ready with our scooty. We started late in the morning around 9:30 AM and visited Colva beach first. In between we took few stop for coconut water and sugarcane juice.

Tarun at Dudhsagar waterfall

Colva beach was clean and good in compare to north Goa beach. There was also water sports facility available, but we already did that. If you are going to Goa, then you can book the hotel in part like few days in north Goa and few days in south Goa to avoid long journey. We spent some time there and then left this place for Palolem beach. Everyone was hungry, so we had lunch and then move further.

Neeraj at Colva beach

Around 4:30 PM, we reached Palolem beach. South Goa was less crowded and the maximum tourist were foreigners. Beach was also very clean and coconut trees in the background enhancing the beauty of this beach. Today, we again went into the sea water and enjoyed till sunset. We also had some snacks at the beachside restaurant.

South Goa was hills area and the roads were looking like any road in Uttrakhand. So, we decided to return before the darkness. We reached hotel around 8:30 PM. Tarun and Vipul already there, they returned around 5:00 PM after visiting Doodhsagar waterfall.

Manish, Vipin and Shashank at Palolem beach

Manish and Vivek at Palolem beach, South Goa

Vivek at Palolem beach

Everyone was tired due to long road journey, but tonight was last night in Goa. So, we decided to go beach again, but Neeraj did not come due to tiredness. Like all night in Goa, we stayed at Baga beach till 3:00 AM and returned hotel.

On the 27-Oct-2015 around 10:00 AM, we were ready to leave Goa and hired vehicle for airport drop. Flight timing was 1:30 PM and we reached Delhi at 4:00 PM. Thanks everyone for this awesome trip and hope will rock again soon.

All of us at Goa airport

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