Spiti Valley Trip-Covered Tabo, Kaza, Komic, Langza

Spiti Valley Trip-Covered Tabo, Kaza, Komic, Langza

The last day was an awesome experience for all of us. We have covered Losar Village, Key Monastery, Kibber Village, Dhankar Monastery and night stay in Tabo.

Today, in the morning on 13-July 2015, we woke up in the early morning. The weather was lovely and sunny; mountain peaks was covered with clouds which enhance the beauty of the surrounding. Tabo is a small town and peaceful place; I think this place is perfect for night stay. I and Shibba went for a morning walk and captured some beautiful pictures. Amby and Ruchika also went to enjoy this super morning. Saurabh and Varun were busy in photography near the monastery.

Early morning in Tabo

After breakfast, we were ready to visit UNESCO worldwide site Tabo Monastery. Tabo monastery was built completely by mud and wood and it's 1000 year old. Tabo monastery is just okay from outside in compare to the Key monastery which looks superb from some distance. But after entering the main temple of Tabo monastery premises, you will feel like you are in the mystical world. Inside the temple, you can see collection of 1000 year old statue of Lamas, God Buddha and Tibetan God (more than 50 statues was there).

inside Tabo Monastery

Monastery wall was painted with different style pictures of God, Lamas, tree and flowers. Painting was also 1000 years old and made by natural colors. Light was always off inside temple because painting and statue are light sensitive. You can use your mobile light and torch for low lighting. Actually darkness was making this place wonder. Now we can understand why UNESCO chooses this site for worldwide site list. I have previously mentioned that Lama worked as a guide to describe importance of each and everything. Photography was not allowed inside the temple, so you need to visit there if you want to see this wonderful place.

Gompa near Tabo Monastery

After a lot of photography and unique experience, we left Tabo for next destination Kaza around 11:00 AM. Today we have a lot of time, so we spent some time in between Tabo and Kaza for Photo session. Tabo to Kaza road was very adventurous, but comes is stone throwing zone, so our driver was very careful. We were lucky to spot mountain's Ibex, but not able to capture in camera because our driver was not stopped car due to stone throwing zone.


Saurabh, Ruchika, Shibba and Varun in between Tabo and Kaza

Amby, Ruchika and Shibba in between Tabo and Kaza

After two hours, we reached in Kaza and first visited Kaza monastery. There was also a learning centre for Buddhist culture and history. One foreigner girl with books was there; she was looking like a student. Saurabh and Varun always ready for a photo with the foreigner. So after photo and chatting with her, we knew that she was a teacher, not a student.

Kaza Monastery

near Kaza Monastery

Kaza is main town in Spiti Valley and having all basic facilities. This place is beautiful but commercialized, so will always prefer Tabo for night stay. Kaza is connected to all tourist place and is center point, so this will be good for stay here, but according to our plan Tabo was the best place for night stay.

near Kaza Monastery

Time was around 1:00 PM, now we were ready for Komic (Highest Village of Asia) and Langza (famous for fossils). Langza was between Kaza and Komic, but we decided to visit first in Komic Village then Langza. Road from Kaza to Komic was very good except some points in between. There was a lot of bike rider in Spiti Valley; Shibba also wanted to enjoy the bike riding after seeing them. After reaching Komic, she requested one biker for bike riding. He got ready and fulfilled Shibba's wish. He was the luckiest guy who got the chance of bike riding with beautiful girl in beautiful location (We were kidding with Shibba). Komic village is situated at the height of 4587 meters. You can see amazing landscape from there. After some photography, we visited monastery and also enjoyed taste of tea offered by Lamas.

view near Komic village

in Komic village

Shibba in Komic village

Now, we got down and stopped our car in Langza. Langza village was looking superb; there was also a Buddha Statue and Monastery. Me, Amby, Saurabh and Varun walked till statue while girls were taking some rest near monastery. Girls collected some fossils from local children. After visiting two most beautiful villages in Spiti Valley, we returned to Kaza. Time was around 4:00 PM, so we decided for night stay in Losar instead of Kaza. The next day we have planned for Chandratal Lake, so this was good to cover 60 more KM today.

Langza Village

Varun and Vivek in Langza

Saurabh in Langza

Kaza to Losar journey was outstanding; everywhere was beauty and only beautiful landscape. Sun was going to behind the hills, so snow covered peaks were changed in golden color. Someone said that Kashmir is heaven on earth, but I think heaven is started from Spiti Valley. Both Kashmir and Spiti provide the different flavour of tourism. I have also visited in Kashmir valley. The different is between both places are Kashmir is for tourist, but Spiti is for the traveller. Around 7:00 PM we reached Losar, the weather was very cold and night was clear. So, we first warmed with tea and then gather another side of rooms to watch stars in the clear sky. Around 9:00 PM, we had dinner and ready to sleep. We discussed next day plan and had good sleep.

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